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JV's & Investment Opportunities

  • Joint ventures – Our family has completed successful joint ventures with land owners and their families over many years, as well as commercial and not-for-profit organisations. In a Joint Venture with Fountaindale, your land is combined with our expertise and a collaborative, respectful joint venture culture, creating an opportunity for you to share in the development process and profits that are in most cases significantly greater than if you sold your land outright.
  • Investment opportunities – When a land owner does not wish to remain in the development, Fountaindale offers the opportunity for investors to replace the land owner in the joint venture. Our investors range from private individuals who provide equity funding for a project on their own, to small groups or families who combine their financial resources, or complimentary businesses such as civil contractors. We complete extensive due diligence on all projects prior to presenting the opportunity to our investors, including close analysis of planning and market risk. The returns are sufficiently attractive and the process sufficiently comfortable that many of our investors are involved in their second and third project with us.
  • Partnering in and leading your rezoning application – From time to time we are presented with the opportunity to work with a land owner or group of land owners to achieve a rezoning of their land to enable future development. We enter into this arrangement selectively, and only where we believe the rezoning application has an alignment with regional and local planning objectives, as it can be a long and challenging road. If successful, the financial rewards are significant and shared in an agreed proportion between the land owner and Fountaindale.

If you wish to explore a joint venture opportunity with us, either on your own land or as an investor in a project that we introduce to you, please get in touch.